This page covers the various fees that each family will incur during their time with our select soccer program. Our fall season generally runs from mid-August until November and spring will run from the January until May.

For 2018-2019 we have our annual pre-season boot camp on August 6th-8th. Practices will begin the first week after LT ISD schools begin, meaning August 19th will be the first day for practices.

Player Fees

Depending on the team you are selected for, there are different fees depending on the league in which your team will play. For top leagues, there are higher fees to play, thus player fees are higher to play in those leagues.

New this year, we have added a multi-child discount for families with more than one child in the program. For each additional child, beyond the first, there is a 10% discount for the additional child(ren). Eg. A family with 2 children in the program in a normal league would be $1500 + $1350 for a total of $2850 vs. $3000.

All fees are non-refundable except under certain circumstances outlined in the player handbook.

 Commitment Fee
(Due immediately on signing)
Training FeeTotal FeeMonthly Installments
(3 Payments Aug, Oct, Dec)
Top Leagues
(SCL, SRPL, USC Champions)
All other leagues$200$1300$1500$445

Other Fees

While player fees represent the largest portion of the financial commitment, there are several other fees that players are responsible for each season.

(Refreshed every 2 years)
Mandatory Bootcamp
Tournament costs
(Per tournament)
All players$300$100approx. $50

Uniform Fees

In addition to league fees, you will be required to purchase a uniform kit which costs roughly $300. We require a full uniform refresh every 2 years, which is due in the 2019-2020 season. Additionally, players are required to purchase two new training jerseys each year due to the wear & tear on those.

You must purchase your uniform kit via our Team Store on

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Stricker II Team Backpack

Tournament Fees

Included in the player fees are funds to cover a year end tournament in May. Most teams will choose to participate in additional tournaments throughout the year at their own cost. Typically, this will run $50/player per tournament. Additionally, if there is travel involved and overnight stays, the team will cover the cost for the coach to travel as well.

Boot Camp Fee

This is a mandatory boot camp to kick off the new season. We will work fitness, speed and agility and ball work. The proceeds of the bootcamp go towards club development & scholarships. This camp runs from August 6th – 9th. The fee for the camp is $100 and you can register for the bootcamp via our Camps page or HERE.

Fee Schedule


  • $200 Commitment Fee due for U11 (can pay remaining as lump sum or 3 payments)


  • $200 Commitment Fee due for U12-U18 (can pay remaining as lump sum or 3 payments)


  • $300 Uniforms must be ordered for new players/different sizing
  • approx $30 Existing players must order 2 new practice jerseys


  • $445 or $545 First fee for payment plan
  • $100 Fee for bootcamp


  • $445 or $545 Second fee for payment plan


  • $445 or $545 Last fee for payment plan