The idea of the program is to take the most dedicated kids in the program develop a love and passion for the game. This will eliminate travel and focus on whats most important at this age, player development. Who really cares at this age if we travel nearly 2 hours to beat a team in Killeen? Not your kids and most likely not you. And did they learn or remember anything? Our program will bring the top kids together and give them high level professional instruction then let them get out and mix it up with other top players in their age groups. Imagine what that first season of select soccer will look like when our top players have already played with and against each other for weeks.

The LT Elite Junior Academy is designed for players who are successful at the recreational level and are looking for the next step up on their soccer journey.

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The program offers a high level of coaching for the players, allowing them to thrive and increase their technical skills while having fun in the process.

Our program is open to any U5-U10 player and serves as a preview and starting point for select soccer which begins at U11. LT Elite Jr. Academy focuses on technical development to prepare players for the select level.
Note: U5 and U6 will begin fall of 2017
The technical skills will be taught through a competitive but FUN learning environment.
The LT Elite Coaching staff will evaluate players in various aspects of the game. This includes technical and basic tactical skills without neglecting the physical and psychological demands required to become a successful soccer player. Our goal is to create confident soccer players who will embody the LT Elite Core Values.
The main component of the training session will be technical. The tactical component of the game will be reduced to small-sided games with basic explanations about space distribution.

We want our players to focus on having fun while developing technical skills in order to foster their love for the game.

Age Groups: Any U5-U10 player is eligible for LT Elite Jr. Academy.

Breakdown of age groups for 2017/2018 Season:

U5- Players born in 2013 (Starting fall 2017)

U6- Players born in 2012 (Starting fall 2017)

U7- Players born in 2011

U8- Players born in 2010

U9- Players born in 2009

U10- Players born in 2008

To continually strive for the best developmental program for all of our Jr. Academy players we offer 3 different game formats:

Players born in 2012 & 2013 will play 5v5 (4 field players plus a goal-keeper)

Players born in 2011 & 2010 will play 7v7 (6 field players plus a goal-keeper)

Players born in 2008 &2009 will play 9v9 (8 field players plus a goal-keeper)

These modifications to game-play have been made to provide our younger Academy players more touches on the ball on a more appropriately sized field.


The success of our Academy program is heavily reliant on the coaches we place on the field.  Coaching young players effectively is a unique trait, and the coaches we provide have the remarkable characteristics and personalities that allow them to teach the game through fun activities, while also challenging every player to achieve and focus on improving their abilities.

All LT Elite staff has professional licenses required to be successful in developing our players.

JR Academy Curriculum

The goal of the LT ELITE Junior Academy program is to give all players the foundation to become successful and love the game. The Basic ball mastery and tactics used in small sided games will be the basis of our curriculum. Every coach will focus on teaching these principles with the most important factor being FUN! The program will be developing players at the appropriate pace, with fun engaging sessions that challenge the players to learn how to play the game the correct way.

Our curriculum is designed to help players to solve challenges within the game independently, but not forget to use their teammates. Soccer is a team game so we will focus on not only the fundamental techniques, but the basics of a successful team.

The players in the JR Academy will be separated by age groups, so the difference in ages will require differentiated activities in order to challenge the players at the appropriate level. As the players progress through the program the intensity and structure of the program will prepare the players for the appropriate game format.

As the players get closer to the U11 age bracket the curriculum will reflect the appropriate preparation for select soccer.

Each age group works along the curriculum with each stage progressing further as you continue to grow and fulfill your potential.


Fun fundamentals!

Playing games is essential.  Playing is not only essential to having fun, developing social skills, fostering creativity, improving dexterity, and promoting sportsmanship; Playing games is where players hone their instincts for the sport. We develop the love for the game by practicing the specific skills thousands of times; players learn to succeed while having fun!


Be brave and Bold, Secure that ball!

We want our U7/U8s to be brave and take risks! Mistakes will be forgiven and poor decisions will be excused, but we want our U7/U8s to be praised for being creative and try new things on the field. The focus on dribbling at speed and moving into space to be open for a pass are critical in getting the players ready to explore the next step in the game.


Work Hard, find space, and Pass the ball. Play Quicker!

We want our players to recognize and understand how the skills learned in U5/U6, U7/ U8 are connected to solving problems during play. We want our players to play with speed, think about their decisions, work harder than their opponents and find space. We will start to introduce the structure behind player’s movements with the ball and just as importantly where to go when you don’t have the ball. The constant reminder of good technique, but an increased focus of shape and formation on the field will prepare our players for the select level.