Mission statement

The mission of LT Elite Soccer Club is to impart a love for the game of soccer in all of our players. We will achieve this by providing quality technical training by qualified coaches, in an age appropriate manner. LT Elite will develop players who express their individual creativity while playing for each other as a team.


Master the ball, and you master the game. Development of the individual player comes first, with team results soon to follow. Every LT Elite training session will be infused with the game’s technical attributes so that each player plays with confidence. We want every LT Elite player to want the ball at his or her feet. So every training session will focus on individual touches, risk taking, and time on the ball in a variety of situational play scenarios. LT Elite players will all be comfortable and confident playing with skill, speed, and discipline.


We believe families are part of the development process, not a hindrance to it. LT Elite will communicate consistently with its parents and players because we believe players and their families make better development decisions when they are informed. To that end, LT Elite will regularly update families on club developments, activities, and plans. Further, our club and its coaches will actively invite regular feedback and dialogue between staff, coaches and our soccer family.

“LT ELITE — Live here, play here”