Why is LT Elite partnering with Sting & Titans Austin?

It allows LT Elite soccer to offer top tier soccer opportunities for players that qualify for ECNL. It also enables our coaching staff to work closely with Sting’s program on the girls soccer side to have access to their development curriculum, coaching resources and work on the field side by side with top nationally recognized coaches.

What players will be able to participate in ECNL?

Initially, girls in the U13-U15 programs will be able to try out for the Sting ECNL teams. Parents and players can decide individually to participate or not. There is no mandatory requirement for the girls to tryout or participate in the program.

What are my options as a parent/player?

If you are selected during tryouts for a LT Elite select team you will be placed on an Elite team and will have no obligation to try out for the ECNL teams.

If you try-out for the ECNL team and make the team you have two options.

  • You may continue to play for LT Elite and player pass to the ECNL team on an as-needed basis. This will allow you to be part of both programs simultaneously.
  • You may choose to only play on the Sting ECNL team and no longer be on a LT Elite team.

When will tryouts be for Sting ECNL? What does it cost and where will they practice?

Tryouts will be announced shortly along with the pricing structure for the program. Practices will be held at fields located in the Lakeway, Bee Cave or surrounding areas to the LTYA/LT Elite program.